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DC Justice League LEGO BrickHeadz announced, including Wonder Woman & The Flash [News]

To celebrate the Justice League movie opening in theaters today, LEGO has announced that four characters from the Justice League are joining Star Wars as the newest franchise in the popular BrickHeadz line of buildable figures. As with past BrickHeadz, each character will retail for $9.99 USD when they’re available beginning in January.

Justice League Brickheadz

See each of the Justice League characters below

The Extraordinary League of Justice

Purists beware: Hammerstein NWC is all up in your grill with his latest batch of minifigs. Steam Punk meets the Justice League, with this amusing lineup of familiar heroes: Nautical Man, Luster Lady, Albert Jordan, Super Chap, The Martian Gentleman Hunter, Bat-Fellow and The Flash Esq.

The Extraordinary League of Justice

My 5 year old daughter and I have been watching Justice League cartoons recently so naturally I solicited her opinion on the photo. She liked Wonder Woman’s bling, was disturbed by Batman’s ‘mustache’, but what she really wanted to know was: “why is Super Panties so angry?” Good question daughter…good question.