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Dream big, build bigger

Nick Jensen, formerly of these pastures, builds life-size LEGO props in ways that us mere mortals can only dream of. Speaking of dreams, that’s a tangential link to his latest effort, depicting the so-called PASIV Device from the Inception film. This is the device used to administer Somnacin, which induces lucid dreaming and dream sharing of the sort seen in the movie. The gadgetry present in the case looks fantastic, and the Dots bracelets are such a perfect fit it makes you wonder if the whole thing was built around them. And if, like yours truly, you didn’t recognise the case at first, then the accessories in front of it help to drive home this mad machine’s provenance!

LEGO PASIV Device (dream sharing machine) — Inception

Arthur, the point man.

MOCpages people’s champion matt rountRee just finished his take on the famous zero-G hallway fight scene from 2010’s Inception and it is every bit as eye catching as the film. The expression on Arthur’s face is perfect and the pose of the bad guy makes for an inspired tribute to the trippy scene. If you follow the link you’ll find some interesting commentary about the build and some pulled-back photos that show how extensive the set-up is.


Just for comparison’s sake I’ve included Alex Eylar’s (Profound Whatever) take on the very same scene, in minifig scale, from 2010.


Alex Eylar gives Oscar-nominated 2010 movies the LEGO treatment

It’s always wonderful to see a fellow LEGO builder get well-deserved exposure from the non-LEGO world. With the Academy Award nominees just announced, Alex Eylar‘s awesome LEGO versions of the Best Actor/Actress and Best Picture nominees are popping all over the place, from The Daily Telegraph to the front page of Yahoo!.

I’m surprised to see any sci-fi movie nominated, and I love Alex’s rendition of Inception, which we highlighted in our interview with him back in August.


James Franco’s character cuts off his own arm in 127 Hours.

And The Nominees Are

Colin Firth gets nervous in front of crowds in The King’s Speech.

And The Nominees Are

See all ten of Alex’s LEGO movie scenes in his Flickr photostream, and do check out the gallery on Telegraph.co.uk as well, which has a couple photos of Alex at his LEGO table, talking about his building and photography process.

What happens when you mess with the physics of it all?

Sam W. (-infomaniac-) answers that question with a brick rendition of the folding city from Inception. He built the model in three scales to achieve three levels of forced perspective. It’s like the dream in a dream thing but with Lego, yea.