Alex Eylar gives Oscar-nominated 2010 movies the LEGO treatment

It’s always wonderful to see a fellow LEGO builder get well-deserved exposure from the non-LEGO world. With the Academy Award nominees just announced, Alex Eylar‘s awesome LEGO versions of the Best Actor/Actress and Best Picture nominees are popping all over the place, from The Daily Telegraph to the front page of Yahoo!.

I’m surprised to see any sci-fi movie nominated, and I love Alex’s rendition of Inception, which we highlighted in our interview with him back in August.


James Franco’s character cuts off his own arm in 127 Hours.

And The Nominees Are

Colin Firth gets nervous in front of crowds in The King’s Speech.

And The Nominees Are

See all ten of Alex’s LEGO movie scenes in his Flickr photostream, and do check out the gallery on as well, which has a couple photos of Alex at his LEGO table, talking about his building and photography process.