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Weather the winter in this medieval cottage

Winter is gaining a foothold on the northern hemisphere, and with it comes winter-themed LEGO creations, most notably so in the LEGO Castle theme. A great example is this recent winter cottage built by Andreas Lenander, complete with snow-covered landscape and minifigures going about their daily errands.

Winter cottage - side view

Surprisingly enough, the white walls of the upper floor of the cottage don’t blend with the snow too much, an effect achieved by using dramatically different textures for the two. There is just enough details around the base to show that this is more than just a house on a plate, and the landscape spilling out of the borders helps a lot to bring life to the scene. The best part, however, must be the roof – the tiles used are only half-way pushed in to give a very realistic texture, although it is not obvious whether the roof is thatched or just tiled with very bright tiles.

I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a LEGO house

“Calmwater Cliff House” is a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired multistoried LEGO house nuzzled into a rocky cliff by a sandy beach. Created using black, dark tan, light tan, and reddish brown — or, as betweenbrickwalls puts it, “the colours of the 20th century” — this is a modern home integrated into the landscape to suit a 21st-century lifestyle.

Calmwater Cliff House MOC exterior VII

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A picturesque house with a noble goal

This looks like a very pretty house in a warm climate, but as builder Ayrlego explains, there is more to it than quaint architecture. Built for the Brethren of the Brick Seas role-playing game on Eurobricks, this house is a medical research centre where the doctor is trying his best to defeat one of the Imperial soldiers’ greatest enemies: scurvy.

Naval Medicine Research Centre, Port Woodhouse

There is a lot to love in the research centre, from the texture of the walls and quite realistic tile roof design (based on round 1×1 bricks) to the more subtle details like slightly tilted tiles above the windows. The terrace, vines and two minifigs taking a walk give the creation a great sense of atmosphere.

Relaxing in the green room

OK, so this LEGO green room may not be the waiting area for celebrities, but chances are it’s also a lot homier. This modest den accentuated with emerald tapestries is yet another of Jonas Kramm‘s fantastic uses for the Duplo grass element. Look closely, and you’ll spy the unwieldy element in two distinct applications, but don’t miss all the other wonderful details while you’re searching, from the bearskin rug to the agave plant made of alligator tails.

Green Lounge

Jonas built this lovely den for the Iron Builder contest, where he continues to make excellent work of the Duplo seed element, having previously used it as a flying carpet and the roof of whimsical huts.

A LEGO boudoir fit for a queen

With magnificent ornate furniture, and perhaps the lushest LEGO carpet you’ve ever seen, this boudoir by simply bricking it is ready for royalty. Amazing parts-usages abound, from the minifigure stretchers used for the folding screen to the basketball net as the lampshade. How many more clever bits can you spot in this creation?


A house from Lille-Fives

I don’t often blog “modular houses” as I find them a little dime-a-dozen. However Richard “lafabrick” enticed me to break this habit as he has made such an impressive reproduction of a house in the Fives to Lille neighbourhood in France. This house is so cleverly made it’s probably the first (and likely the only) time I’ve ever allowed four examples of techniques from a single model into the LEGO Techniques group.

MOC House's Lille-Fives Front 2