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The house of dreams

Dream houses can come in all shapes and sizes and this LEGO house by Lysander Chau is particularly beautiful! This digital render, though not quite possible given current elements, is well designed and uses some great digital-only capabilities like much of the lighting inside and out. The wooden latticework on the outer walls gives great depth and ties in well with the front door and decking. Geometric house architecture has always been a favorite of mine and this does a great job bridging the gap between ultra-modern angles and everyday comforts. Lysander uses printed tiles from various sources including wooden planks, solar panels, and many more. Would you want to live in this house? Check out all of the images here including a full interior!

LEGO Dream House 1

A forest dwelling you won’t easily forget

According to Joe (jnj_bricks), this delightful mediaeval house is a “forgotten forest dwelling.” But with such bright colours, I certainly won’t be forgetting it any time soon! The reddish brown and tan walls aren’t exactly unusual in castle-themed builds, but the purple roof, lime green terrain and yellow foliage really make the whole thing pop. It’s more than just a colour experiment (as Joe himself describes it), as there’s some great parts usage and techniques in there. The walls and ceiling are haphazard enough to enhance the fantastical feel, but the highlight has to be the use of book covers as detailing on the eaves!

Forgotten Forest Dwelling

Winter carols warm the heart

Despite the summer heat, LEGO builder Lukasz Wiktorowicz created a winter wonderland scene of carolers bringing seasonal joy to a lonely cottage. The tree almost steals the show, with leafless branches spindly pointing towards the sky. The use of brown minifigure hands to create additional branch points is fantastic and adds age to the tree. I also really dig the snow work, with clumps of snow slowly falling off the roof and much more piled on the ground.

Winter - Carols Time

Yet it’s the minor details that truly make this a wonderland of LEGO. Did you see the crosscut saw laying in the snow near the base of the tree? Or the wood hacked out of the trunk? Or the stump next to the house? Or the hinges on the cottage’s front door? You can’t fully appreciate what Lukasz has built without zooming in for a closer look. And that’s why we’re happy to showcase his creation here on The Brother’s Brick.