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Guilds of Heroica City

Ever wondered what Ninjago City would look like if LEGO decided to use the same format on a medieval-themed build? Wonder no more and just take a look at Benjamin Stenlund latest creation. This amazingly detailed build celebrates the 10 years of existence of The Guilds of Historica. It features an Elven tea pavilion, a tavern, a tights shop, and a cartographer’s shop. On the street level, we find a candle maker, a bookstore, a jeweler, and a room for rent. On the second level, there is a moneylender, an apartment, and a shield shop. Benjamin didn’t stop when he filled up a 32×32 base plate so he had to expand the city to add a Chapel, a bakery, and a barbershop. I know for sure I would love to get lost in this amazing Medieval city. Can you spot all the little shops/businesses included in this massive build?

Cedrica City Block: Elven Gardens and Aslanic Chapel

The Moonbird Mausoleum

Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons. Nature changes so immensely during those two seasons. It’s almost magical, and this creation by Aurore really hits the sweet spot when it comes to the autumn vibes. The use of olive green for the grassy plains is complemented wonderfully by the vibrant colours of the fallen leaves. The star with stud holder works perfectly as a fallen leaf.

The Moonbird Mausoleum

The overview of the shrine doesn’t do justice to the autumnal vibes that Aurore has presented, though, so let’s take a closer look.

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