The Moonbird Mausoleum

Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons. Nature changes so immensely during those two seasons. It’s almost magical, and this creation by Aurore really hits the sweet spot when it comes to the autumn vibes. The use of olive green for the grassy plains is complemented wonderfully by the vibrant colours of the fallen leaves. The star with stud holder works perfectly as a fallen leaf.

The Moonbird Mausoleum

The overview of the shrine doesn’t do justice to the autumnal vibes that Aurore has presented, though, so let’s take a closer look.

[CoE ep2] Lloergan

Sometimes builders put hours of work into their creation, but not into the minifigures that inhabit their builds, but adding minifigures to your creation makes it come alive. Aurore is a builder I admire most for putting together the best LEGO minifigures ever. Every time they create a collection of figures, each one of them is golden. They are little works of art. They highlight this beautiful bird statue which is completely studless.

[CoE ep2] The heart