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This turquoise tank is ready to scoot, scoot, scoot...

While it is only January, it is never too early to start thinking about Marchikoma, the LEGO building event paying homage to those adorable little think-tanks from the Manga Ghost in the Shell. Whether or not that was what inspired Duncan Lindbo to create this scene, there is no denying the nice part usage to be found. The tank’s six legs are built using the lower section of the Friends theme scooter. These ladies are not messing about; by the looks of those bottles lying around, they are fully stocked on energy drinks to keep tuning their tank through the night.

Street (IL)Legal

Forget about cicadas! Watch out for the Wasps!

Builders love to show off their anime-inspired robots, mech-suits, and vehicles. Who can blame them? They’re just so cool! The classic Cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell sports tons of futuristic designs for inspiration. Last year, Marius Hermann showed off his model of the anime’s popular spider-bot, the Tachikoma. This year, he decided to bring us the wasp-inspired Jigabachi.

Jigabachi (from "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex")

As always, Marius was quite selective with his parts to remain faithful to the original design. A white Bionicle mask is used to model a specific version of the Jigabachi’s cockpit. Minifigure hands in yellow and black provide detail on the tail as well as on the rotor mast. The color choices really pop! I mean, sand green is always a personal favorite but seeing the surfboard smoothing out the main body of the model is a treat! Printed 1×1 tiles add extra detail to the wing sections while bars and rubber bands come together as the Jigabachi’s turret gun.

Jigabachi (from "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex")

I think, therefore I tank

As the release of the live-action version looms, expect to see a bunch of LEGO creations inspired by Ghost In The Shell. However, all you would-be ThinkTank builders out there should beware, Pascal has cornered the market in cute-but-deadly styling for your favourite mecha design. The use of olive green and the tip-toe stance are nice, but it’s the neon burst of pink coupled with the stark backdrop which really makes this model stand out.

Military Technology