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Picture perfect fairytale furniture

These delightful LEGO furniture pieces from Brickdesigned bring charm to the cottage in which they reside. No one knows who lives in the cottage, but who wouldn’t want to live in such a cute environment? Perhaps if we take a closer look at the items we can discern some things about the owner… The clock is built into a felled tree with accompanying wildlife, while the hat indicates they enjoy frolicking in the woods, too. The tree’s wide base is cleverly achieved with a brown minifig torso! Moving on to the bed, we see they like to keep things tidy with a made bed. The checkered pattern is lovely, and I particularly like the tree branches for the bedposts. The standout pieces here are the red minifig hands making up the frill of the throw rug.

The snacks on the table suggest the owner likes sweets balanced with just a touch of health! The table and chair speak of comfort without too much fuss. Honestly, that chair looks more comfortable than many wooden chairs I’ve used myself. Finally, there’s the fireplace. The mantle is chock full of cool items: a message in a bottle, books galore, a tea set, some coins, and a cool hourglass. I love how the mantle and the fireplace are constructed! The studs-not-on-top (SNOT) approach for the logs supporting the mantle is charming. The cauldron cooking over the fire is a nice touch, too. We may not know who lives in this space, but we do know one thing–they live happily ever after.

Gettin ready for the season with a gingerbread house

When my calendar says it is December, I always develop a soft spot for LEGO gingerbread houses. This year Nadine Wölfle has me starting a little bit early with her gingerbread house. It’s part of a larger fairytale display and it is actually the house of the witch from the story of Hansel and Gretel. This sugary home features brickwork and icing jointing. There are ingot details on the corners of the building. The roof is a different color than the rest of the building which makes it stand out a bit more. Nadine used a lot of newer elements to decorate the building. There are cotton candy bushes and pie shrubberies. In the background you can spot some additional fairytales. Which ones can you find?

Hansel and Gretel