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A fairy and a hedgehog walk into a bar

Sometimes something looks familiar and you just can’t understand why it does. This happened to me when I came across ‘Hedgehog and Elf’ by James Zhan. I knew that little hedgehog looked familiar but I wasn’t sure from where. As a primary school teacher, you get exposed to a lot of children’s literature. So that could be the source. It sure looks like it could have walked straight out of a fairy tale. I still couldn’t pinpoint it. After googling ‘hedgehog’ and ‘Pokemon’ I must conclude that it looks familiar because it reminds me of the Pokemon Shaymin. And to be honest, that one looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale.

Hedgehog and Elf

Snow Monster on the lookout for thanksgiving turkey leftovers

The expression on this little LEGO monster’s face built by James Zhan, matches my expression exactly when the Christmas dessert hits the table. Surprised, but at the same time highly anticipating the same aforementioned sweet goodness. This little cutie, is fully pose-able and there are joints in all the right places. The bar holder works perfectly for the snow monster’s fingers. Adding one tan finger is a little touch that makes this creature look extra lifelike. The round plate with bar handle make the cutest little monster toes. The fact that this little guy is cute as a button is only emphasized by its rosy cheeks. Using flesh round tiles for the cheeks is barely noticeable, but notable nonetheless.

Snow monster