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This one will grow on you

You may know builder Big Stannis from their meme-tastic large character creations, but the creativity doesn’t stop there. (25+)Wise Mystical TreeĀ features some really clever part usage. It’s somewhat easy to spot the raft forming the front of the face, but if you look very closely at the eyes you might find some surprising Thanksgiving leftovers. There are even some 1×1 round tile cookies in there if search for them. And, just to be juvenile, there’s also plenty of SNOT.

(25+)Wise Mystical Tree

This is just the latest example of the great builds you can find in our tree archives. Go take a look!

There’s an art to this build.

This amazing stylized character build of Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki by Joseph Zawada pushes the limits of LEGO art in impressive ways. The offset round tiles in the hair highlights suggest an entirely new style of mosaic building, and the use of negative space in the mouth to create thin lines and shapes not possible with existing brick is an inspired move. I also have to note the creative part usage in the eyes; I’ve spotted everything from minifigure hands to flex tubing. Truly, this is a work of art.

Ann Takamaki

Check our our art tag for even more examples of great creative expression in the plastic brick medium.

Brick-moji: Because LEGO bricks have feelings too!

I created the first Brick-moji as a gift for someone very dear to me. But then I realized the pattern was repeatable, and the project kind of took on a life of it’s own! If you’re at BrickCon in Seattle next week, you’ll find these lurking in the Bricks of Character section, where I’ll be giving each one away to any attendee that can offer me something interesting to trade in return.

Like the LEGO meme collection that I made last year, I’m declaring this collection public domain and therefore free to use, abuse, edit and share. So enjoy annoying your friends by inserting these into text messages! The Brick-moji album on Flickr contains hires versions of each Brick-moji, plus a couple of “bonus” creations for your amusement.