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A 25-inch-high Elsa’s Ice Castle from Frozen is coming as the new LEGO Disney set [News]

There is no such thing as too many LEGO castles, so LEGO has just announced another one based on Disney’s Frozen. 43197 The Ice Castle set consisting of over 1,700 pieces will come with all the main characters — Anna, 2 versions of Elsa, Kristoff — all in the format of LEGO minidoll figures. Besides, the castle brings Olaf and even four LEGO Snowgie figures. The complete build stands more than 25″/65 cm tall, which is only 4″/10 cm shorter than the iconic LEGO Disney 71040 Cinderella Castle. The set is already listed online, and will available for purchase from July 1 for US $199.99 | CAN $269.99 | UK £199.99.

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Every canvas is a journey all its own

Sometimes I am too fast when it comes to labeling LEGO pieces as useless or at least single use pieces. When I first saw the Disney Storybook Adventure sets I liked the small parts that came with it and the Micro Dolls. I couldn’t care less, however, for the book covers or the big 6 x 8 oval plates that came with it. Keith Reed has proven me wrong by using these pieces in a lovely way. In their latest creation the oval plates have been used as paintings. Displayed in a very lovely and well lit hallway. I may be reading too much into it, but my guess is that even the foliage outside matches the paintings. I see red roses in front of Belle and a shell in front of the Ariel painting. In front of Mulan we have the azalea and the magnolia. And last but not least, in front of Elsa and Anna there is… nothing to back my theory up except for two different flowers that might represent the different princesses. As I said, I might be reading to much into it. Whatever the meaning, it’s a beautiful and elegant scene.

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