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This tree is deer to me.

Have you seen the film Annihilation? It’s one of my favorites; a great mix of storytelling and really gorgeous (if disquieting) visuals. alex-mocs has perfectly captured the eerie beauty of biologic mutation seen there with their creation The Shimmer.  There’s some very creative work in the base, with animal-oriented LEGO elements melded seamlessly into the greenery. The star of the show, though, is the central tree/deer creature. My favorite touch is the Bionicle ball-joint connector that forms the mouth. You can almost hear the sound this being is making, but is it a cry of pain or celebration? Like most things in the Shimmer, it’s really hard to say for sure.

The Shimmer

The biologic themes of this creation are very apt, considering this was an entry to the Bio-Cup challenge. Check out our archives for more featured builds inspired by that contest!

Don’t step into the Shimmer

Bart de Dobbelaer’s latest creation just might be inspired by the movie ‘Annihilation’. In the movie, a team of scientists volunteer to join a research expedition into the Shimmer. The Shimmer is an anomalous iridescent electromagnetic field that appears to be expanding at a rapid pace.

Bart’s creation reminds me of the scene where the team steps through the iridescent electromagnetic field and see the inside of the Shimmer for the first time. They stumble upon all sorts of mutated animal hybrids and a variety of beautiful vegetation. I love the two brown columns on each side of the Shimmer. I have no idea how they are constructed but they look amazing. The contrast between both worlds couldn’t be any bigger. The real world is dark and brown and muddy where the world inside the Shimmer is bright and filled with white and gold alien-like creatures.

the Shimmer