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Long-time Lego fan Derek Schin has written for more Lego-related platforms than he can count...though that's not so much bragging as admitting to poor math skills. He and his wife Lorae can often be found at Lego gatherings both large and small, talking to builders and photographing their creations along the way.

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LEGO Elves at New York Toy Fair 2015

It definitely looks like the LEGO Friends style minifig is here to stay. In addition to the Disney Princess sets, LEGO is now releasing yet another line based on this fig: LEGO Elves. LEGO is pushing Elves with a large model built for Toy Fair…

With a plethora of great colors and all-new hair sculpts, these sets look to have wide-ranging appeal. While the release date for these sets is March, according to our sources they’re already showing up in stores.

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The Scooby-Doo scoop at Toy Fair 2015

As alluded to earlier, LEGO unveiled the 2015 line of Scooby-Doo sets at Toy Fair today. They’re slated to be released in August. While most folks have already seen a few things from the line, this was a chance to see the box art and get close-ups of the Mystery Inc gang, as well as their sweet 70’s hair:

The $89.99 Mystery Mansion has six minifigs and Scooby-Doo but is missing Fred …though perhaps we’re not actually missing him, amirite?

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Brothers Brick at the New York Toy Fair [News]

Having never attended this event before, the Brothers Brick were unprepared for the mass chaos that greeted them upon arriving at the Javits Convention Center in New York at 0650 this morning…

Upon being escorted to the LEGO booth – a formidable high-walled yellow fortress in the middle of the showroom floor – scores of LEGO-related members of the press (including yours truly) descended upon the 2015 LEGO line, jostling for position and attempting to take photos of over 300 soon-to-be-released (or recently-released) sets. The focus of the show has already been revealed here – the new UCS TIE Fighter – but LEGO did have a few other surprises in store. After talking to LEGO lead designer (and friend of the blog) Erik Varszegi and being introduced to LEGO master model builder Paul Chrzan, we tried to focus on some of the most interesting new stuff: carbon fiber bricks, Jurassic World, Scooby-Doo …and Ant-Man!

The only disappointing part of the $19.99 Ant-Man set (to be released in June) is that it doesn’t come with micro versions of the three minifigs …but it’s definitely a really fun set.

We’ll probably post an entire sequence of Scooby-Doo photos later, but here’s something that will bring readers of a certain age back to their childhood …the Headless Horseman, depicted – as God intended – with a pumpkin where his head should be:

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Toy Fair New York 2015 preview [News]

This year’s Toy Fair will be from February 14th to 17th at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan and is, according to their website, “the largest toy and youth product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere.” And as suckers for things that are the largest in the Western Hemisphere (such as the Wheaton Metro Station escalators, the New River Gorge arch bridge, and Keith Goldman’s ego), we can’t help but go.

LEGO Invitation

LEGO will be one of over 1,000 exhibitors at the annual showplace for what’s new in the toy business. It’s not open to the public–only industry professionals, buyers, and (of course) the press are invited. This year, for the first time, the Brothers Brick will be in attendance. Okay, it’s more like the Step-Brother Brick, but you get the idea.

So while you’re trying to decide which of your many valentines you should spend the day with, The Brothers Brick will be toiling away on February 14th at Toy Fair collecting news and photos of the true love of your life…the LEGO Group.