Broken LEGO always turns me Inside Out with anger!

The rage I feel for LEGO bricks from the brittle brown era is something I’ve felt time and time again. But thanks to Nikita Filatov and their depiction of Anger of Inside Out-fame, I’ve got a much better idea of what’s going on inside my head. I can almost hear the voice of Lewis Black ranting about ABS integrity and how he should’ve used dark tan instead! Probably not the best time to tell him that LEGO discontinued trans-neon orange….

VignWeek 2023 | Disney | Anger

1 comment on “Broken LEGO always turns me Inside Out with anger!

  1. hntrains

    This dude needs medication. Definitely so!
    Most people, when they have loads of bricks, nearly become immune to any brick breaking or getting lost. I have not broken any myself, nor have I lost any, but I have had some chewed by a creature in the house; I have just moved on.
    Good, funny build, nonetheless!

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