A meandering LEGO microscale metropolis

I’m a sucker for pretty much any sci-fi movie. Add in architectural design and I’m in LEGO nerd heaven. Movies like Bladerunner, Elysium, and the Fifth Element combine story and unique perspectives on cities of the future. I recently watched a Korean sci-fi movie called Jun_E, which was set in a post-apocalyptic city built above the flooded remains of a major metropolis and I was inspired to build my own microscale city based on the concept. You can find more of my LEGO creation pictures on Instagram at koffy_kat

I purposely built the waterline above the frame to enhance the feeling of the water barely contained. Starting with all of the ruined buildings, I then built the pillars. I built each block one at a time, but often went back to add more just like the architects of this city would do with no more solid ground to build on.

Starting with the far right section, a mega corporation building dominates with a massive structure that has few windows. It sits on four columns embedded deep in the bedrock beneath the surface of the water. A courtyard includes a few trees. There is also an elevated train track that runs through two sections. Colorful buildings are stacked up on more of the pillars that hold each block.

The next section includes a commercial district that straddles the train track. In the back is an idea I thought of to answer the question: How do you build new structures without stable ground for construction cranes? A massive 3-D printer extruded up to 3 units at one time using a highly rigid and durable polymer. Individual units range from 1×1 up to 4×4 and use a variety of elements including plates, tiles, bricks, and modified parts.

The final section is the end of the train track, so units in this section are connected by sky bridges, or are accessed by personal or commercial flying transports. In the far left corner a new pillar is being added as the start of a new block.

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  1. hntrains

    Very colourful! Wondering what that means: wall sections in (wildly) different colours or crazy lights inside the rooms?
    The waterline thing: not obvious.

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