Digging up the Doosan DL420

If this were a LEGO Technic set, I’d see it, think it’s impressive, then probably move on to buy something else. But in the very capable hands of Michał Skorupka, he can use System brick on something that would normally be Technic and make it quite exciting indeed. This rugged Doosan DL420 Wheel Loader is about the most interesting thing I’ve seen all week and I’ve seen a major social media platform pretty much implode. It doesn’t hurt that I’m (ahem) digging the orange and dark gray color scheme. The amount of detail Michał can achieve with his creations is awe-inspiring. See for yourselves in our Michał Skorupka archives.


This color-coded overlay illustrates the power functions and inner workings that get this sturdy beast on the move.


But don’t just take it from me, check out this video of this creation in action. I’d advise watching until the end. You will not be disappointed!

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