LEGO reveals 76417 Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition, available this fall [News]

Earlier today, LEGO announced the next set in the Harry Potter theme: 76417 Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition. Consisting of 4,803 pieces, this mammoth construction features both the above-ground wizarding bank and the catacomb of vaults below. All told, the set is an impressive 29.5″ (75 cm) tall, 12.5″ (32 cm) wide, and 10″ (25 cm) deep, and comes with 13 minifigures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Bellatrix, and Griphook. The set also includes the iconic Ukrainian Ironbelly that the Golden Trio ride out of the top of Gringotts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Designed to be compatible with 75978 Harry Potter Diagon Alley, 76417 Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition will be available for purchase through LEGO stores and their website on September 4 (September 1 for VIPs), and will retail for US $429.99 | CAN $559.99 | UK £369.99.

76417 Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition | 4,803 pieces | Available September 4 (September 1 for VIPs) | US $429.99 | CAN $559.99 | UK £369.99

Here’s the press release on the new set from LEGO:

Today the LEGO Group in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products unveils the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Gringotts Wizarding Bank™ set, the latest addition to the LEGO Harry Potter™ product range.
The set follows the LEGO® Group’s rich history of designing and bringing to life many of the most iconic Harry Potter locations. The 4,803 piece set features a highly detailed representation of the bank from the film series and includes the exterior, main banking hall and the underground vault, complete with mine-cart rollercoaster. In addition, the set includes 13 minifigures, based on characters from the movie, including Harry Potter™, Rubeus Hagrid, Dragomir Despard, Ron Weasley, Bellatrix Lestrange, Hermione Granger, Griphook, Bogrod, Ricbert, a Death Eater, two goblin bankers and two guards.

The set also includes the Ukranian Ironbelly Dragon which can be placed on top of the building to mirror the iconic scene from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. The new set is also compatible with the LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley set.

Age: 18+
Price: $429.99 / £369.99 / €429.99
Pieces: 4,803
Product No: 76417
Dimensions: Over 14.5 in. (36 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) wide and 10 in. (25 cm) deep. The 3 models combined measure over 29.5 in. (75 cm) high
Available: 1st September for LEGO VIPs, 4th September for all

The LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Bank Set is available from 1st September for LEGO VIPs and 4th September for all via LEGO Stores and priced at $429.99/€429.99/£369.99

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  1. David Marshall

    It’s very difficult to continue to justify getting LEGO when they continue to work with a license that is so inextricably linked to hatred of human rights.

  2. Magnus72

    David Marshall, do you mean freedom of speech? Yes, it is true. Rowling should get all her rights back from Hollywood woke.

  3. Neil Jones


    Come on LEGO, surely we can do better than that? That’s even worse than the OLIVA NDERS on Diagon Alley. Yes, I don’t like stickers but I could live with them if they didn’t keep having these terrible gaps

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