How the Wild West was won

I don’t know why but I seem to love the Old West. No, seriously, I can’t explain why. It’s not like I dress like a gunslinger or watch Westerns or anything like that because really I don’t. So you can imagine how (unexplainably) pleased I was to see this amazing LEGO Wild West town built by ilive. This has everything you can expect from a booming Old West town: horses, train tracks, stagecoaches, even one of those western windmill dealios. You can get lost in all the amazing details. A layout this good makes me wish LEGO would bring back the Western theme from 1996. I mean, seriously, who didn’t lose their gunslinging, horse riding, cow rustling minds when Fort Legoredo came out?

Wild West

While we’re here, let me call out just a couple of my favorite sections. Here’s the old mine that’s sure to make the townsfolk just a little richer.

Wild West : mine

While the bank and saloon isn’t without their charms, I’d say another favorite of mine is this train station. Again, I love this station and the entire Wild West theme for reasons I just can’t understand. But why ask why, right? You just know you like something and sometimes the reasons remain a mystery to us all.

Wild West : station

4 comments on “How the Wild West was won

  1. Alex

    OK, first off, this MOC is gorgeous! Clearly lots of work has gone into it, the rock work is great, the mine, the whole thing!
    However… “how the Wild West was won”… in the context of the genocide of Indigenous American might not be quite the right headline. :-(

  2. Mike

    A superb piece of work on one of my favourite themes. As much as I’d like new Wild West sets from Lego, I think they feel it is too controversial these days, so we just have to create our own MOCs from what is available.

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