The Brothers Brick LEGO Builder of the Year 2022 [News]

This year, the Brothers Brick team had a blast going through all the names featured in hundreds of posts published during 2022. The year brought us dozens of new talented names, as well as a whole lot of brilliant projects from well-known builders. As usual, when deciding who deserves the Building of the Year award, we focus on finding out who had the most remarkable, memorable and productive year across the global LEGO community. And 2022 revealed one name who impressed us more than anyone else.

The Brothers Brick is delighted to name Sandro Quattrini as our LEGO Builder of the Year 2022.

Although Sandro at his best when creating brick-built characters, he started 2022 with arguably the best rendition of Star Wars Y-wing we’ve ever seen. And in case you missed it, go and give it a closer look; it’s a pure masterclass in the art of spaceship design.

Minifigure-scale-ish Y-Wing

And the rest of the year was full of Sandro’s extraordinary characters, with the charismatic Kingpig at the top of our personal ratings:

Wilson Pigsk

Anime fans will appreciate his contribution to a jaw-dropping collection of titans from the Attack on Titan, as well as beautifully captured Kaneda from the iconic Akira. What a way to finish the year!


But there is one more thing that put Sandro on top of our list. From the title picture of this post, you must have guessed that 2022 was the year when Sandro’s most important creation saw the light as the new official LEGO Ideas set. 21335 Motorized Lighthouse is one of our favorite sets of the last year, and what an amazing achievement it is for any LEGO fan!

Sandro's Lighthouse

Thorough the 2022 Sandro surprised us with an astonishing variety of building techniques and incredible part usage ideas. His whole Flickr gallery is such a pretty collection of ideas. And getting your own LEGO Ideas set — as a LEGO fan, what else you can dream of? And this is why our team has picked him as The Brothers Brick LEGO Builder of the Year 2022.

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