LEGO Icons reveals 10312 Jazz Club as next in Modular Buildings Collection [News]

Today LEGO Icons has announced the next set in the Modular Buildings Collection will be 10312 Jazz Club. The 2,899-piece set features a Jazz Club, a pizzeria, a managerial office, a tailor’s workshop, a dressing room, and a rooftop greenhouse, along with eight minifigures. It will be available starting Jan. 1, 2023, for US $229.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £199.99.

10312 Jazz Club | 2,899 pieces | Available Jan. 1 | US $229.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £199.99


8 comments on “LEGO Icons reveals 10312 Jazz Club as next in Modular Buildings Collection [News]

  1. Ben

    Kinda disappointed with this one. The color palette is clashy and we already have so many restaurants. I just want a hospital and a school finally. Would a museum be so bad?

  2. Rik

    For the first time in years I feel like skipping a modular. The architecture feels uninspired and the topic repetitive. What a shame!

  3. Lai Choi San

    The all white/yellow minifigure selection seems a bit unfortunate, considering the subject. The stage is too small. How is Thelonious gonna fit his piano up there..? And zero horn instruments in what should be an iconic scene…

  4. Johnny Johnson

    That’s a depressingly TINY jazz club. How did they come to the conclusion that they should make the dressing room (And the office above) the same sizes as the club itself? Should’ve had the whole footprint and two floors for the club, and one floor above that for whatever else (I mean, a private eye’s office would’ve been nice, but…). The pizza joint is a waste of everyone’s time. They have to take the club stairs to reach the roof garden? I don’t see how these things go together. Why not give the club a bar, and a balcony with a spotlight guy? This is… nothing.

  5. James

    What…What happened? It looks like one of the endless Moc’s we used to see several years ago that riffed on building techniques and colors from the Fire Brigade and Pet shop era. How is Lego Ideas and the Bricklink designer program full of innovative and interesting projects and this is a product?

  6. Steve

    Lot’s of critics here. To them I say, “Don’t buy it and vote with your wallet”. I for one think the colors are sharp and the facade is eye catching. I do agree the footprint is not at all realistic, but to be honest, once I build them I rarely open them up. To each his own I say. But I give it a vote of confidence. And I have them all except the Diner and the Detective Shop. Did not care for either. I know the Detective Shop gets rave reviews, but just not from me.

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