2022 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 14

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s the holiday season, but it’s also the return of our annual LEGO advent calendar extravaganza. We’ll be opening our calendar windows daily in the run-up to Christmas. Our team will also share their thoughts, comments, observations, and jokes about each day’s builds!

We have five advent calendars this year, across the City, Friends, Star Wars, Marvel (specifically Guardians of the Galaxy), and Harry Potter themes. Let’s get right into it and see what’s hiding behind the doors of day 14, shall we?

Double whammy for figures in our Friends and City calendars! The City fig is named Maddie. We’re more than halfway through the Friends calendar and yet this is only our third minidoll.

We’ve got another double whammy in the licensed calendars, this time for micro spaceships. Star Wars has a B-wing (which I’ve propped up in this photo), and we get the Guardians’ eponymous vessel, the Benatar. Harry Potter has the portal which appears at the climax of the film. Or at least, that’s what I think it is.

Bart: Today’s calendar is sponsored by the colour orange.

Kyle: That Milano microbuild feels a bit clunky. But the kid in the bee shirt is excellent.

CJ: I need that bee print on a standard torso.

Ben: The Milano and B-wing are solid winners today for me, excellent designs – but I have to agree that the bee kid is perfect.

Chris: You know, most LEGO microscale spaceships in advent calendars are pretty cool. The B-wing here is passable but not great, but I disagree with Ben here: that Guardians’ ship (it’s the Benatar, not the Milano!) is a disaster.

Don’t worry guys – I had to look up what this Marvel ship was, I thought it was the Milano too at first. Two more points on my nerd license…

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5 comments on “2022 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 14

  1. Winston

    “the Guardians’ eponymous vessel, the Benatar”

    Pat Benatar is eponymous; the ship isn’t, unless something is named after it.

  2. Kelton Zacharias

    I’m pretty sure that’s a Resistance Heavy Bomber, given the large protrusion from the back.

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