2022 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 12

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s the holiday season, but it’s also the return of our annual LEGO advent calendar extravaganza. We’ll be opening our calendar windows  every day in the run-up to Christmas. Our team will also share their thoughts, comments, observations and jokes about each day’s builds!

We have five advent calendars this year, across the City, Friends, Star Wars, Marvel (specifically Guardians of the Galaxy) and Harry Potter themes. We’ve reached the halfway point – thank you for sticking with us so far! Let’s see what’s hiding behind the doors of day 12, shall we?

Halfway to the big day, and the Friends have already wrapped their presents at the second market stall of the calendar. City gets a snowman, some ice skates and a skating area even smaller than yesterday’s Friends ice rink.

Day 12 has not one but two dark lords for us, in the form of messrs Vader and Voldemort. Darth Vader seems to be spending Christmas in the southern hemisphere this year. Guardians of the Galaxy offsets the evil with some sweet treats.

Chris: Voldemort looks ready to partaaaaay with that jungle juice the Marvel guys have been cooking up! And Vader is definitely ready for a Christmas in Cancun.

And what’s this? A semi-realistic-looking snowman, after getting approximately 1,275 weird LEGO versions before?

Bart: Never thought we’d ever get ‘Selfie Voldemort’ and ‘Sun’s-out-guns-out Darth Vader’, but yet here we are.

Kyle: I’m shocked Vader is cool going to the beach given how much he dislikes sand.

CJ: Just love the “Summer on Scarif” top. A highlight of this year’s advent for sure. The little unfinished snowman is cute, too!

Ben: Vader is great with his beach ready gear, Guardians are providing the sweet treats this year then?

The snowman is again a great City offering.

What do you think it’s harder to play soccer in: flippers, or wizard robes?

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