A dysfunctional family portrait

Here’s something some of us can relate to: You gather the family for one of those formal portraits and dad has some unsavory opinions, mom worries about your eating habits, brother would rather dress as Batman and the less said about little sis the better. The end product is a study in angst and dysfunction forever immortalized over your parent’s dining table. LEGO builder Joseph Zawada has a similar vibe going here except this family is a bunch of mechs. They most certainly share a family resemblance. There are four mechs in all but, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to show you just two of my favorites.

Mechtober 2022 - Family Portrait

This one is called Pentanant Engine. Joseph tells us; “To pilot a penitent engine is punishment for crimes where even endless flagellation and death are deemed too lenient.” That’s a rough family dynamic!

Penitent Engine

Next on the roster of familial dysfunction is a mech that looks like some sort of demonic pipe organ that is called War Pulpit. If the alternate minifigure arms look crazy to you, that’s because they were made possible by our friends over at Crazy Arms, proprietors of dysfunction since- like a long time ago.

War Pulpit

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  1. MaffyD

    In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is only… Lego bricks?

    How the editor didn’t get the WH40K vibes from the outset here is unfathomable. I’m not familiar with the Daughters of the Emperor, but the logo alone looked like it was straight out of the Imperium.

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