EVE Online’s Sarum Revelation brickified with LEGO

Building a 100+ stud long LEGO SHIP (Significantly Huge Investment in Parts) in no small feat. Building one that is a highly accurate recreation of a preexisting design? Well that’s exactly what Eugene Levin did with this beautiful model of the Sarum Revelation from EVE online. The attention to detail is superb and he even managed to sneak his own icon onto the hull. Check out more photos below and his Flickr page for comparison shots with the original in game ship!

In-game model comparison

Relying heavily on pearl gold parts that have been released in recent years, the bits of smooth trim stand in stark contrast to the dark red of its hull. Curved slopes of all forms are implemented to create the right shape, matching the game design expertly. And I am in absolute awe of the three golden triangles along the side of this SHIP. There’s some glorious part choices there to make those shapes come together.

Sarum Revelation SHIPtember 2022

When working on the large scale that’s demanded by a SHIP, texture is everything. And Eugene does a wonderful job in the black sections of this dreadnaught. The patchwork of tiles and grill plates creates a mosaic of tiny, indistinguishable features on this Amarrian behemoth, lending to a sci-fi feel reminiscent of the Death Star’s surface. Overall, this huge investment in parts was definitely worth the InterStellar Kredit!

In-game model comparison