New LEGO City 2022 summer sets explore farming and retail [News]

According to the product images revealed by German toy-retailer JB Speilwaren, this summer LEGO City is revisiting local farms — and it’s all about fresh and healthy produce. Four new sets ranging from a tiny one to a solid city building, re-introduce farming with lots of new animal figures. There is a bunch of highlights, with one being a full-size grocery store.

60344 Chicken Coop | 101 pieces | EUR 9.99

60345 Vegetable Delivery Truck | 310 pieces | EUR 29.99

60346 Farm with Animals | 210 pieces | EUR 49.99

60347 Supermarket | 404 pieces | EUR 59.99

2 comments on “New LEGO City 2022 summer sets explore farming and retail [News]

  1. Johnny Johnson

    PIGLETS!!!!! (Not the first LEGO Piglet, haha, but so stinkin’ cute!)

    Prosthetic foot?! Shopping cart?! All the vegetables! I am super excited. I wish the grocery store were even bigger, but dang that is a cool set. Its forklift is VERY good, too. I will now, sadly, have to neg it by saying we didn’t need another pea costume, and there’s little use in including a shopper’s car that can’t even hold any groceries (It is also seriously the worst LEGO car design I’ve seen in a long while). What’s the driver gonna do, strap the shopping cart to his roof?

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