Look of a Warhol, texture of a Van Gogh

When LEGO launched their Art theme it included a tile-based mosaic take on the iconic Marilyn Monroe panel-art by Andy Warhol.  And that was pretty cool…back then. But now artist Michelle Krüger has placed her own unique spin on this classic image, adding texture that introduces an entirely new depth to things.

Taking a close look at one of the panels, you can see the wide array of parts chosen to create the illusion of Marilyn’s face and hair. I’m also fond of the use of transparent elements in the background to add a bit of color variation to the formerly flat shading. It’s still recognizable as a Warhol tribute, but also uniquely its own work of art. Stunning!


2 comments on “Look of a Warhol, texture of a Van Gogh

  1. Chris Doyle Post author

    @Hntrains – Are you saying that new interpretations of art are locked down as derivative soon as a corporation releases a copy? These versions are remarkably cool on their own merit. (And LEGO wasn’t the first to make a brick-built Warhol – there have been fan creations out there for many years. I just linked to the LEGO version in the article as we cover a lot of the Art theme stuff, and it would be odd not to acknowledge them. )

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