An even taller Tallneck

Fans of Horizon: Forbidden West and/or fans of mechanical giraffes with disks for heads were thrilled to learn that LEGO has launched an official LEGO Horizon Tallneck set. Clearly, Nicola Stocchi falls into one or both categories, as he has built a UCS Tallneck. (I fall into only one category but more on that later.) What does this whole UCS business mean, exactly? Well, UCS stands for Ultimate Collectors Series. When someone slaps that moniker onto anything they have built this means you’re bound to get something bigger and much more detailed than your usual fare. This model lives up to its name as it was rendered using a whopping 7391 pieces! It stands 94 centimeters or nearly three feet high.

Lego Tallneck UCS

As I have never heard of the Horizon: Forbidden West game until we featured the article on the Tallneck set, I have learned that I fall into the category of people who love mechanical giraffes with disks for heads. This thing is amazing, even if you’re clueless about the source material. A quick Google search proves these are peaceful machines that serve as great communication towers. The 5G must be amazing around these things! My personal 5G coverage is great because I am vaccinated. While you’re mulling over that logic, tune your 5G to our archives and check out some other wild and weird creatures from the Horizon Zero Dawn francise.