Batman needs his Robin: Rebuilding LEGO Art 30125 into the Boy Wonder [Instructions]

We recently shared an early look at the LEGO Art 31205: Jim Lee Batman collectionone of the new additions to the LEGO Art theme. The set comes with three main images to choose from: Batman, the Joker, and Harley Quinn, all based on iconic Jim Lee art. There are also “ultimate builds” that feature a larger look at the Bat, and a showcasing a quiet moment between Batman and Catwoman. But we were left wondering…where’s Robin? Well,  The Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle decided to see if it was possible to build a Jim Lee-style Robin out of only the parts in the 31205 kit. Spoiler alert: Yes, you can. And we provide the instructions if you want to give it a try yourself!

First, here’s a reminder of the Batman image that’s the main draw of the 31205 mosaic set.

And here are the three 48×48 stud builds that are covered in the instructions.  While there’s no yellow to be found, there is a lot of bright green thanks to the Joker version, and Harley’s image gives us some red as well as ideas on how to fake a yellow hue by making use of the tan plate.

Looking for a decent close-up of Robin drawn by Jim Lee, I found this. It’s from a licensed DC Poster image. I picked this image as it had some very clean lines in the face, broad blocks of color, and minimal tweaks needed to break Robin out of the background.  I did need to remove his thumb and partial finger from the upper right, to make the image read a little better.

As is my usual workflow, I ran it through the LEGO Art Remix website. This time I was able to put in exact colors and part counts, so the base image was a lot closer than usual. I still ended up rebuilding most of the cape and facial gradients by hand, though.

If you’d like to give it a try yourself, I scanned in each of the nine 16×16 panels used in the image. It’s not as elegant as LEGO’s printed instructions, but it should get you there in the end.

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