A gangster’s roadster: please admire from a distance

A roadster too sleek for the 1930s. Open top and exposed engine. Is it some vintage Batmobile or a hot-rod noir? Jonathan Elliott presents his latest custom minifig-scale car to add to his portfolio, a roadster that could give the current Vintage Taxi GWP a run for its money. Lacking any other colour, there is just enough and barely enough chrome to break up a predominantly black visage. The owner of this vehicle must be classy and dangerous, and it definitely takes my mind to old gangster movies…

Black Roadster

If you see this parked in front of a speakeasy of your choice, RUN!
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1 comment on “A gangster’s roadster: please admire from a distance

  1. hntrains

    Not bad, indeed. But it does not seem dangerous to me. It, much rather, looks like the promising project of someone who just can’t bring himself to where he would finish it.

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