The Soviet ZIL-E167 can handle any terrain you throw at it

It’s a little cold in my LEGO room so I turned up the heat and put on a sweater. That leads me to believe that I probably don’t have what it takes to handle the real cold like what they have in Siberia and Urals. There’s a reason there are so many jokes about vodka drinking you in Russia or whatever. Tough terrain means tough people and tough vehicles. Thankfully, SarielLego has what it takes to handle any terrain as evidenced by this remote-controlled ZIL-E167. I’m loving the beefy tires, the orange color, the overall rugged shape, even the little moose decal is rather charming.


This rear view with a panel removed shows off the powerful twin V-8s that clearly ain’t messin’ around!


We’d be impressed enough as is, by golly! But, as it turns out, the V-8s are sort of dummy engines there to look good. This video proves that the real power comes from two electric Power Functions motors and a genius drive train. Just like the real thing, this model has steerable front and rear axles.

Well there, Comrad, if you have a hankering for all things Soviet, then be sure to check out some more mighty Soviet vehicles built by others.

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