The fourth Law of Robotics: always keep your AI happy

What do you do when your drone tells you a lame joke? Right, you laugh. Look at Pascal Schmidt‘s drones. They are happy, which means the people around them are safe and happy, too. A combination of brutal dark gray mechanical suits and innocent smiling faces from DOTS gives me chills every time. Practically it’s the most effective way to give your build character, but in this case, the suits are excellent, too.

Happy Happy Drones

4 comments on “The fourth Law of Robotics: always keep your AI happy

  1. Pascal Schmidt

    Always a nice surprise to see one of my builds on here, but my last name is Schmidt not Hetzel.

  2. Lino

    Hello Pascal. My apologies. There are at least two well-known Pascals in the LEGO world and my brain wires got crossed (cuz I’m a silly bot, you know) but I have remedied the situation. Thanks for bringing that up and thanks for the good work that you do.

  3. Pascal Schmidt

    No worries. I need to find those two well-known Pascals and steal their stuff. Wait, what.

  4. hntrains

    Less is more, indeed. The simplicity of this build wins you over.
    I would not go for a joke, though – and, as a consequence, I would remove the faces. The build would gain from that.

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