Yo dawg, I heard you like trains

Railways aren’t all built alike, and that’s what allows Pieter Post to create this awesome bit of recursion in a LEGO diorama. The green engine is a narrow-gauge steam engine, allowing it to be transported on a standard-gauge flatcar. The engine and flatcar both are magnificent, with lots of details that are so cleanly sculpted they blend in, even down to the wood-slatted structure on the back of the flat—a structure whose purpose escapes me. I also love that Pieter hasn’t simply shown the pair on a straight piece of track, but instead took the time to sculpt a small diorama. The uneven edges add a great deal of visual interest and give the scene a feeling of being part of something much larger.

Henschel 'Brauns' narrow-gauge steam engine and SSK flatcar

3 comments on “Yo dawg, I heard you like trains

  1. Skes

    Can we have more trains TBB? This build satisfied my Lego train cravings! The narrow gauge engine is stunning.

  2. Chris Doyle

    @Skes – I know I’m happy to promote more train content, but I don’t know much about the theme. Do you have suggestions as to builders I should be keeping on TBB’s radar?

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