Ready to race? This speeder from the Mandalorian sure is!

Jared Reisweber has created this fascinating model based on Cobb Vanth’s speeder as featured in The Mandalorian Tv series. The vehicle has an interesting design as it is made out of a podracer engine with the addition of a seat and controls for the pilot. The technical details such as the odd piping, wires and cables creates the impression that the speeder has been cobbled together out of scraps and spare parts.

Cobb Vanth's Speeder

From the back, there are even more intricacies such as the large wheel which forms the back thruster and the gears which might represent some of the turbines of the engine. The splayed out foot pedals are also a nice touch and demonstrates Jared’s attention to detail throughout the build.

Cobb Vanth's Speeder

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