2021 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 18

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which we hope will provide insight and hilarity to your holiday season!

This year we have new Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, City and Friends advent calendars to open. We will be sharing images of the new calendars every day through Christmas, and hope that you’ll join us! Let’s see what there is to open on Day 18.

On this the 18th day of Advent, we opened an interrogator droid from Star Wars, a Ron Weasly minifigure from Harry Potter, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury from Marvel.

From the City calendar, we opened a toy-building workbench. The Friends calendar gave us a fireplace with what might be chestnuts roasting by the open fire.

Bart: This rubber ducky has to be one of the best LEGO elements ever!

CJ: Another nice wintery touch with Nick Fury’s cap. The toy boat manages to look like a TOY boat, too. That’s a pretty neat trick at that scale.

Adam: I’m pretty sure the Probe Droid belongs to HYDRA. Nick Fury is looking at it very suspiciously. I totally dig the eyepatch, though! Also, lots of interesting pieces were used for the Friends mantle. 

Short and sweet. See you tomorrow for Day 19 of the 2021 LEGO Advent Calendars! By the way, there’s only one more week until Christmas!

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  1. Mino

    I really love that toy workshop! I also every day look on here to see if there’s a new Advent Calendar review! Thanks a lot for hosting this surprise!

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