2021 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 8

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which we hope will provide insight and hilarity to your holiday season!

This year we have new Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, City, and Friends advent calendars to open. We will be sharing images of the new calendars every day through Christmas, and hope that you’ll join us! Let’s see what there is to open on Day 8.

Today we opened a single Tusken Raider from Star Wars, a table and wizard beer from Harry Potter, and a gift wrapping station from Marvel.

From the City theme, we built a snowy Christmas tree. The advent gift from Friends was a pile of snow and snowboarding equipment.

Adam: Today was City and Friends’ chance to outshine the main brands, but everything was just kind of meh instead. I do appreciate the Sand Person, however, though I’d imagine he’s probably feeling a little out of place in the cold. 

CJ: I really like the “car door as wrapping paper” trick, and it looks pretty good here. Not completely sold on the tree design, but happy to see an unusual take on it at least.

Chris: Ya, the wrapping paper station is actually fantastic! It’s also really cool how the various stations come together to make a bigger station. It’s a shame there’s not a lot more of them in this calendar. And the Tusken Raider is a great figure, even if he feels a little lonely today. 

Ed: Love the detailing on the Tusken Raider helmet. Is that an X’mas tree? I don’t know, but if it is, Scorecard: 2

It wasn’t a bad day, for sure. But there are plenty of more surprises to come! Come back tomorrow on Day 9 as we continue to open and build the 2021 LEGO Advent Calendars!

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