Red Rover, Red Rover, send Beat Felber on over

LEGO builder Beat Felber is a master at building massive moving vehicles with Technic. Take this Land Rover 110 for instance. He tells us that this model uses two Power Functions L-Motors for the all-wheel drivetrain and a servo motor for steering. The chassis features a hi/low gearbox which was automated using an M-Motor. Also both front and rear axle are of the solid type with differential and are spring mounted.

Land Rover 110

If that wasn’t impressive enough, here is the model posed with the real Land Rover. The car was used as a fire engine for about twenty-five years until Beat bought the vehicle in 2017.The car is called ‘Grisu’, named after an Italian cartoon figure of a dragon who wanted to become a firefighter. Be sure not to miss out on some other Technic vehicles from this builder in our archives.

Land Rover 110

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