Always take some precautions when playing around with hypermatter

Fans of the Classic Space LEGO theme may be quite familiar with the prolific builder, Tim Goddard. Known for challenging the limits of the LEGO system and showing us the possibilities, he’s given us another great build to appreciate. This new ship, Dragons Progress, utilizes unique pieces combined in a pleasing and simple color palette for tons of detail and greeble. From the nose to the pointy bits protecting us all from the hypermatter static build-up of the experimental engines, this ship has a wonderful form that breaks the mold of the Classic Space theme.

Dragons Progress

A side view reveals some of the details of the underbody, such as the landing gear tucked next to the stand attachment. This silhouette may hide the forked shape of the ship but it gives us a better view of the lower “pointy things,” as Tim calls them.

Dragons Progress

Perhaps the best view of the pointy things comes from the back when looking at the engine. This is also a great close-up of the details of either side of the forks. I sure hope this prototype is truly ready for the field because I’m not ready for the universe to break just yet.

Dragon Progress

Find more of Tim’s builds on Flickr or Instagram (@tim_goddard928).