The Knight Industries Two Thousand

The TV show “Knight Rider” sold itself as “a shadowy flight into a dangerous world of a man who does not exist.” But, when it comes to LEGO, Knight Rider has been a frustrating struggle to cope with a car that does not exist. Because we got the man instead — a minifigure of Michael Knight was released as part of the LEGO Dimensions game in 2017. But Michael’s famous talking car, K.I.T.T.? We don’t have an official minifig-compatible one of those. Thankfully Jerry Builds Bricks has come to the rescue – again. Because this isn’t Jerry’s first KITT. But it is an all-new 8-stud-wide model, making use of the newer Speed Champions windscreen, and it perfectly captures the sleek awesomeness of the 80s Firebird Trans Am. Man, remember when a self-driving car was such a crazy notion you could build a prime-time TV show around the idea?


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