Good luck with this one, Spidey!

This stunning build by Tim Lydy is bursting off the page. From Spider-Man’s tingling spider-sense to Rhino’s furious face, the model portrays a chaotic scene, as our web-swinging hero has his hands full. Eggs are sent flying into the air by Rhino’s charge while a bemused cat hangs onto Spider-Man’s arm. The thin lettering perfectly suits the Spider-Man theme with a fantastic-looking spider symbol. There is also a barcode that completes the comic book aesthetic of the display.

Spider-Man: What Now?!

One of my favourite sections is the exploding paper bag which uses rocky wedge parts to convey the crinkled texture of the paper. Curved slope pieces create Rhino’s well-defined muscular form and the clear foot plate, representing drool, completes his enraged expression.

Spider-Man What Now?! Right

Even the background is great as circular tiles have been used to capture the classic Ben-Day dots style. Tim Lydy has outdone himself with this spectacular display by building in a three-dimensional format.

Spider-Man What Now?! Side

Let’s hope the poor cat can make it out of this one!