LEGO reveals 712215 Brick Stick adhesive for semi-permanent LEGO displays [April Fools]

Today LEGO revealed what is sure to be a controversial product, LEGO Solutions 712215 Brick Stick. The first in a new line of products called LEGO Solutions, it is a semi-permanent adhesive to secure LEGO bricks in their final built form. While we at TBB believe LEGO has always been about creativity and being able to build and rebuild, since the introduction of the 18+ Adults range, LEGO has been targeting a different audience with complex builds designed primarily as display pieces. The Brick Stick glue (let’s call it what it is) seems to be a key part of this, which LEGO says will allow fans to ensure their display models will be in pristine shape for years. Unlike the caustic glue used in outdoor models at LEGOLAND, the company says the new Brick Stick glue is safe for ingestion, non-permanent, and can be removed by soaking the pieces in water for about 30 minutes. The Brick Stick glue will come in a box of two 40ml applicator bottles, available starting May 1 as a Gift With Purchase with qualifying purchases of 18+ sets over US $149.99 | CAN $199.99 | UK £119.99 from and in LEGO stores.

We had a brief chance to talk with LEGO Solutions Lead Designer Arne Lauridsen, who says that “We are aware that the core adult fan community has some reluctance about using an adhesive, since it doesn’t fit with the traditional way to use LEGO bricks. However, our research shows that there’s a significant market for this product among casual adult fans who only want to build a set once and then display it. I can’t wait to use it myself on some of my favourite sets that I do not intend to take apart, like the Darth Vader Helmet.”

Here’s the official press release from LEGO:

April 1st, 2021
Billund, Denmark

LEGO Solutions introduces Brick Stick for non-permanent bonding of LEGO bricks

The LEGO Group is excited to launch a new line of products under LEGO Solutions featuring accessory products to complement the building and display experience for LEGO fans. Brick Stick is the first offering in the lineup to enhance the LEGO play experience for the LEGO adult market. Other classics like the Brick Seperator tool will be joining Brick Stick under the LEGO Solutions brand soon.

According to a survey of 17 individuals over a span of 203 days, the LEGO Research team has identified that the adult market prefers to display their creations rather than play with them, and these fans are extremely interested in ensuring that the models remain intact for months or years on display shelves. The strong demand of LEGO Botanicals Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree, as well as the ongoing popularity of the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series, has been another indicator of the need for an offering like this, as it was at the top of the wish list of every participating respondent who owned those sets.

Stig Ericksen, the Chief Operations Officer of the LEGO group and responsible for the manufacturing and supply chain, led the task of realising the vision and working closely with LEGO R&D to ensure that the adhesive was strong enough to secure LEGO Bricks for months and even years, but at the same time able to dissolve easily, all while remaining safe for consumption. Brick Stick is strictly targeted at the adult 18+ range of LEGO sets which focus on display rather than play. Ericksen says “we’re especially proud of the twist cap feature that will allow for different surface area size applications,” and further adds, “Brick Stick is a an environmentally safe formula that has been in the product plans since 2012, but the cost of manufacturing was not feasible until recently with the mass production of Antium-cyanoacrylates (A-C6H7NO2) – the secret sauce that allows the surfaces to un-bond when submerged in water at a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celcius (99.86° F) for precisely 27 minutes.”

  • Age – 18+
  • Makes your LEGO sets perfect for display for years to come
  • Removes easily by soaking in water
  • Non-flammable and dermatologically tested for skin safety and ingestion
  • Non-toxic fumes have a pleasant floral aroma
  • For adults 18+ only – valid ID required
  • Available in a convenient adjustable 40ml applicator bottle
  • Each box contains two 40ml Brick Stick applicator bottles

The LEGO Solutions Brick Stick will be available at and from LEGO Retail Stores globally from May 1st 2021 with a qualifying purchase of LEGO 18+ sets.

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  1. Tracy DIcken

    You mean I can do away with cheap easy to find diluted white glue? This makes April 1st a great day in history.

  2. cereal eating buildee

    and we now wait for the brick cutter of course, as well as new LEGO metal technic range!

  3. George Nowack

    This has to be an April Fool’s joke! “According to a survey of 17 individuals over a span of 203 days….”

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