A race to the Moon? Challenge accepted.

Noblebun is one of the best sci-fi LEGO builders out there, proving that title with his newest creation, the V-X Vera.

V-X Vera

“Roaring into the spaceport was the most beautiful ship I’ve ever seen in all my days. With a lean white bow and gleaming engines, she settled down into my docking bay. I thought I was lucky to just catch a glimpse of her, but now she could be mine to care for,” — Rhys Wheelright, chief of maintenance, Colony One.

V-X Vera

This creation can be summed up in one word: gorgeous! I love the smoothness of the white hull and how it curves up toward the top of the ship. You have to admire the intensive detail work around the engines and exhaust as well.

V-X Vera

The cockpit is quite spacious, fitting more than just a minifigure inside. It looks very comfy, too. Is that actual leather from Earth? It’s both the big things and the little things that make the V-X Vera so incredible.

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  1. noblebun

    “One of the best”? High praise, indeed. Hopefully future endeavors prove worthy of that accolade.

    And hopefully Rhys knows what he’s getting himself into! Luna may be a Colony girl, but her rebellious and free-spirited American heritage will surely make itself felt once the Series heats up!

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