A spider mech to give you the creepy-crawlies

LEGO spider mechs aren’t too uncommon, but most of the time they give the impression of a machine with a lot of legs–after all, that’s what they are. But this one by Joss Woodyard is enough to trigger an arachnophobe. OK, technically it’s based on a Harvestman (AKA daddy longlegs) which isn’t a spider. But it’s still an arachnid, and with all those eyes and creepy arms and dripping….something–shudder–it definitely counts in my book. The green bits on the legs are the Technic wire clip, which you may have seen a lot of around here lately, since it’s being used in the latest Iron Builder challenge.

Harvestman - Plague Mech: Amalgam

1 comment on “A spider mech to give you the creepy-crawlies

  1. HÃ¥kan

    Spider-Mech, Spider-Mech
    puts puny padawans in check.
    Is it strong? Listen, dregs!
    Lots of legs and might lay some eggs!
    Look out, here comes the Spider-Mech!

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