Catapult into action with the Star Wars 125-Z Treadspeeder

“They fly now? They fly now!” That was a memorable quote from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It references the ability of the 125-Z Treadspeeder Bike to sort of springboard First Order Jet Troopers into the air. The concept was fine enough but in comparison to say the Millennium Falcon or the Slave I, The 125-Z, in my opinion anyway, may be one of the more mediocre offerings in terms of Star Wars vehicles. However, in the very capable hands of Mirko Soppelsa, I may have to reconsider that assessment. At nearly 6000 LEGO pieces, this intricate model is truly a sight to behold.The minifigs that accompany the base clues us in on how absolutely massive this model really is.

TR-Project (1)

The hood opens to reveal a detailed engine or…whatever you’d call the space greebly doodads that makes this thing operate.

TR-Project (27)

Just this shot of the trooper’s helmets alone offers up the attention to detail that is demonstrated throughout this build.

TR-Project (32)

Mirko is quite good at taking elements from the Star Wars universe and giving them the UCS treatment. While underwhelming in comparison to his creations, you can relive the pivotal scene showcasing this vehicle’s abilities with the official 75250 Pasaana Speeder Chase set. I’m still a fan of some of the more iconic Star Wars vehicles, but Mirko’s craftsmanship has springboarded my appreciation for this craft to new heights.