LEGO teases the next Ideas set with a short video of a queue to the blacksmith [News]

Today, LEGO has shared a short funny video teasing the setting for its next Ideas set. A stop-motion animation puts us right in the middle of a long queue of knights with their weapons and armor bent and severely damaged in battles. Although the video doesn’t show the set itself, we already know that it’s all about the Medieval Blacksmith that should be announced very soon.

Moreover, thanks to we’ve got the first look at the model a couple of weeks ago. We still have to wait for the official press release for a detailed look at the minifigures that will come with the model.

Speaking of the minifigures, the video gives a nice LEGO castle minifigs retrospective, from the oldest designs to the newest ones. According to a tweet from Samuel Johnson, LEGO Ideas design manager, some of the oldest minifigures featured in the teaser come straight from his personal collection. If only Sam could include them in the actual set…

6 comments on “LEGO teases the next Ideas set with a short video of a queue to the blacksmith [News]

  1. gol

    And no one noticed the spaceman helmet that’s not supposed to exist in LBG?
    Also, the chewed on sword must be an ad for Bricklink.

  2. gol

    Hey I had no clue it had ever been produced. I got into Lego right after the yellow castle, I never knew that space helmets had been used in castle sets.

  3. Mr. Squirrel

    Why doesn’t the first guy have the visor on his helmet! The knights with the space helmet/visor combo were absolutely the most prized minifigures in my yellow-castle days. They had a built-in crest, and IMHO are still superior to the more recent visor designs.

  4. Håkan

    Maybe Samuel Johnson lost his own visors, or couldn’t find them for the time of filming… @_@

    Anyway, these helmets are quite expensive on the second hand market, due to them being relatively rare and prone to crack, and being coveted both by castlemasons and spaceheads, who want their own gray spacemen…

  5. Jay R

    Excellent little video. I’m excited for the Black Falcon figure. A tunic extending past the waist? Very neat!

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