First look at the upcoming LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set [News]

The first official picture of the soon-to-be-released LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set can be found right now on the page. Although the set has not been unveiled yet, the online retailer used a rendered image of the set as the title one for the Ideas theme.

The original idea was submitted to the platform by Clemens Fiedler (Namirob) back in 2017, successfully gained 10,000 fan votes, and was finally approved by the review board almost a year ago.

Judging by the first official render, the original idea was considerably altered by the LEGO Ideas design team. Which version do you like better? Let us know in the comments below.

42 comments on “First look at the upcoming LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set [News]

  1. Ryan

    The roof and the top of the chimney are two of the coolest parts of the original. And they changed them! I’m disappointed.

  2. Eugene

    I actually like that Lego took the original ramshackle building and fixed it up. I am tempted to buy it.

  3. Mike

    I really liked the look of the original submission because it didn’t just look like a medieval version of every other Lego building in my collection. I’m less interested in the release version but I’ll wait to see the rest of the details.

  4. josh

    The original had character. It felt midevil. The new is too clean looking. Its a place of fire forge and steel. It needs to look dirty.

  5. NS

    If the original, and the revised versions were both submitted to Lego Ideas, (separately) I know which one is more likely to hit 10k votes..

  6. Richard

    I loved the original. The Lego final version is disappointing. Might still buy it, but will try to change if then…

  7. Gregory S Mayes

    I like the lego version as the better toy. The original is nice for stand alone realism, but it’s too big and kind of drab. The brighter blues and greens add some nice pop to the lego version.

  8. ursamajordesigns

    I am sick of LEGO playing it safe, as a former model builder for Merlin entertainments, I saw some amazing builds at the Lake Wales hub and then I see “this”! What a piece of polished poop! The first one was exciting and adventurous, just like a ramshackled forge from the dark ages, the other looks like a Disney spit-polished turd… safe… friendly! YUCK!

  9. Matthew Cataldo

    I prefer the look of the original. But if Lego can change it; then I won’t feel so bad if I give theirs a few tweaks. Still happy to have something in the Castle / Medieval line.

  10. RogueTopiary

    I’m a fan. While I appreciate the beauty of the original, it is beyond the scope of any other LEGO sets. I hope to see more medieval sets to follow.

  11. Jennifer

    I much prefer the original version. It looks a lot more realistic that the revamped version. I’m disappointed that it was changed so much.

  12. Ian

    The original had what looked like a really fiddly roof to build, so it was inevitable or was going to get simplified. When the price was leaked it was obvious it was going to be simplified a lot.

    I would have liked the original but considering the price it would have been, it could easily have been skipped if we get some amazing sets in the summer.

    The final version is nice, I would have loved getting the more complicated tree though. The chimney looks rather stunted especially from the angle shown where the pots are lost against the roof. The foliage colouring seems a little off, apples on the tree imply autumn while the greens used look more spring time.

    The slightly brighter palette means it will fit better in our LEGO city, the original drab colours would have made it stick out a bit too much. The colours would have worked as a stand alone display piece but when compared to the rest of the LEGO range I think the change makes sense.

  13. Lars Nelson

    I do not like to say negative things, because Lego has their own reasons for doing things, but this is a travesty. Lego’s version is like a 10-year-old kid tried to remake a master builder’s set with a limited number of parts. Lego comes out with sets that are 18+ that have no business being called 18+ like Elf Clubhouse but cannot make this set at all like the designer’s original vision. We voted for the set and expected it to look something like the picture. I was really looking forward to buying this set as probably the best set of the year. They made the other Lego Ideas sets as big as the designer wanted.

    I understand that Lego wanted to change the colors, was not going to print 20 wooden tiles, and has their design rules on stability, but this is just the worst oversimplification I have seen in a long time. The Lego designer and the suits that dumbed down this set should be embarrassed.

  14. Frank Filz

    I prefer the final version. The original would have been out of my budget and would not have fit the aesthetic of my “Castle World” which incorporates a variety of sets and MOCs.

    In fact I don’t really care for y to get detail level of the original and I’ve never liked the “crazy angles” aesthetic. It doesn’t look realistic to me.

  15. Jenyfer

    By far the original is best. I would buy it and create a village around it just because of how cool it looks.

  16. adam lee

    The original design is the one with the 10,000+ votes, such a shame lego can’t or won’t give the fans what that want.

  17. Glenn Kennedy

    The character and the detail of the original design are what I like the most. I’d have to say that if the plan is to go with the ‘modified’ version that I will not purchase it. It’s really too bad if that’s the case.

  18. CrymsonSkye

    The original looks amazing, I would definitely buy that one. I won’t waste my money on the updated version.

  19. Christopher K Wells

    Lego butchered it… Why can’t they just not eff with original works and need to make it fit within their box, so annoying.
    Please lego give us the original, not your altered piece or trash.

  20. Amy

    The Lego one is better because it looks like a lot less pieces and repetitive build. We need to have more reasonably priced sets…

  21. Claudia Pessi

    L’originale senza dubbio è la migliore! L’altra sembra una casa “fantasma”..è lugubre.

  22. Draggenn

    If the picture here is actually the final product then Lego have managed to take an original model I would have paid big bucks for and turned it into one I would give away if they gave me it for free.
    The original design is fantastic, the newly rendered version is childlike and awful.

  23. Nicole

    This is heartbreaking!! Now when I see lego sets I can’t help but wonder what the original designs really looked like. I have been disappointed to see the remakes by Lego, but this is by far one of the worst I have seen! I would MUCH prefer the original to the remake mishap by the Lego team.

  24. Nicole

    There is NO way the Lego remake would have reached nearly as many as 10,000 votes. Maybe Lego should put their remakes through the same voting process before putting it on the shelves!!

  25. Adam

    Some of the comments on here are over the top and down right childish. I really like the lego design its clean, cool and nostalgic. While the original design is really impressive as sellable set it would have been in very expensive and would probably not sell in the volumes required, remember lego is a company aiming to make profit. I’ll be getting the set on release.

  26. Cj Rossouw

    I also think the original designs roof is cooler. Anywho, i woul like more medieval Legos, where can i get them?

  27. Peeters Kevin

    Looking at the set on its own, it’s very reasonable and a nice LEGO set. Would love to see more detailed pictures. But it doesn’t compare at all with the original MOC, that’s sad. LEGO did a better job with Ship In A Bottle and Treehouse but, just like Barracuda Bay, they ruined the original. Probably I’ll still buy the set but not on release day.

  28. Edward Radu

    There’s no way Lego’s new design would have reach 10k I gotta imagine the original designer is disappointing that they messed with his design to the point that it’s not even close to his original image too bad it was a great design

  29. Matt

    Can we really call them two versions of the same thing? The Lego set is a blacksmith, but that’s about all they have in common. In fact, it looks like they told a dssigner “Make a blacksmith building” but didn’t mention the Ideas set or show them the photos.
    If it had just been released as a regular Lego set I’d probably think it was pretty cool, but having seen the source material, it’s impossible to feel excited.

  30. Jodie Helgeson

    So, LEGO says they are paying more and much deserved attention to their adult fan-base. Then they take a model, that was clearly designed with adults in mind, and completely ‘disney-fy’ it. I was chomping at the bit for this set (as it was approved), but if this is what is released, no thank you. As an AFOL, I’m wiping a little tear. I feel so sad, to feel so disappointed in LEGO and fear we should expect more of this.

  31. Retha Faurie

    I think it works that Lego made it smaller. Realistically, many of the submissions that gets the most votes have thousands of pieces and although people would vote for it, they won’t really be willing to pay enough for it.

    But why add colours like azure and sand green to the roof? If they only added bright blue and sand blue to the navy, to make it more rustic than just one shade, It would have worked. But with navy + sand blue + bright blue + azure + black + sand green, it does not look right.

    Also, details like the angle of the beams supporting the overhanging roof in the original makes it more interesting.

  32. Karmin

    As already said by others: the LEGO version is more reasonable, matches more with another LEGO buildings together (imagine how huuuuge would have to be a castle, for which the original model would be a smithy), and I am considering to buy the LEGO version but would never invest such money that would require the original.

  33. Jordan

    The decision to make the roof the way they did is baffling… but I don’t mind the rest of the build. I will buy it and modify the roof to better match the original!

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