LEGO Ideas approves 2 new sets in latest review: Medieval Blacksmith and Winnie the Pooh [News]

The crowdsourcing platform LEGO Ideas this morning announced the results of their latest review, selecting the Medieval Blacksmith and Winnie the Pooh projects to become official LEGO sets. This review covered projects that reached 10,000 votes during mid-2019, with 10 projects qualifying during that period.

Of the 10 qualifying submissions, which ranged from a UCS-scale Space Shuttle Atlantis to a diorama of The Office, the LEGO Ideas team selected these two projects to be produced as official LEGO sets. LEGO doesn’t guarantee any projects will be selected during the review process. The projects can be rejected for any number of reasons, including sales projections, ability to withstand LEGO’s rigorous set design process, or conflicts with an upcoming LEGO set already in development for another theme.

Both projects will undergo a thorough evaluation by LEGO model designers with updates as necessary to meet LEGO’s design standards. Although LEGO has not announced when the sets will be available, the typical timeline for a set to reach production is between 1-2 years, though on rare occasions some sets arrive sooner.

The Medieval Blacksmith project submission by Clemens Fiedler is a diorama of a highly textured wattle and daub-style building that’s loaded with details. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time LEGO will be producing a Medieval Blacksmith building designed by a fan. Back in 2002, the first set in the fan-designed My Own Creation theme, which could be considered the grandfather of the LEGO Ideas theme, was 3739 Blacksmith Shop by Daniel Siskind.

The Winnie the Pooh project submission by Ben Alder features Pooh’s House under the tree, along with a cast of the main characters including Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet and Eeyore. LEGO has held the Winnie the Pooh license for more than two decades, but has so far only used it to produce Duplo sets, of which there are more than a dozen.

The LEGO Ideas team also yielded a final verdict on one other project that had been a holdover from the previous review results while LEGO took extra time to examine its viability. Ultimately the Ideas team did not approve the Anatomi project submission by Stephanix, a large-scale minifigure sculpture featuring an interior complete with skeleton and organs.

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    I am hyped for this one. Thanks for pointing out the previous Blacksmithy… how far we’ve come!

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