Life in the pink

Well now, what is this all about? Bart De Dobbelaer presents us with this striking LEGO scene and, through a mission log, humorously illustrates that space travel can be at times exciting but also mind-numbingly dull. I’m smitten by the overall composition, the greebly space-cube, the pink alien vegetation, even the shadowed planet in the distance. The light from within is a spectacular touch! Bart calls this scene La Vie en Rose.

La Vie en Rose

If you are to do some space travel anytime soon, I advise bringing a soundtrack. Might I suggest Édith Piaf or Lady Gaga? I suppose even this breathtaking image can seem dull if that is all you had to look at for months or even years on end. It might be best that you scroll on and peruse some other stuff before the space-madness settles in. But before you do, check out these articles to make your space journey a bit more interesting.