The esteemed astronomer and warlock

When I was a kid, my first introduction to Merlin was in the Disney animated movie, The Sword in the Stone. It has remained one of my favorite movies to this day, though I’ve learned that most depictions of Merlin are quite different. Seeing this LEGO build by Jens Ohrndorf, immediately brings me back to that beloved movie and character. The real triumph, though, is that stellar telescope. Using the palm tree trunk element to create the flared end gives it the perfect look.

Any true fan of the movie will know that the one thing missing is Archimedes, the owl. But don’t worry, Tyler Clites has us covered! And if you can’t get enough, we also have many more articles about owls, wizards, and magic.

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  1. Purple Dave

    Probably the weirdest take on Merlin I’ve ever encountered was in Parke Godwin’s Firelord, which retells the Arthurian legend in a realistic way. The fay are Picts who are only terrified of iron because it can cleave through their bronze weapons, and Merlin…is a figment if Arthur’s imagination.

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