In space no one can hear you hiss

Do you know what’s scary? Velociraptors. While the Tyrannosaurus is all teeth and ignorant brawn, the Velociraptor is a smaller, nimble and cunning creature capable of working together to hunt down kids in a laboratory. At least that’s what Jurassic Park has led us to believe anyway. Bob DeQuatre takes the already scary raptor and puts it in a spacesuit; one with opposable claw finger technology. You may as well just kiss your tookus goodbye by this point. Not only are the kids toast but the director and camera crew won’t be around to make the slew of blockbuster sequels. It’s a bummer, really. But all kidding aside this is a really cool idea. I particularly like the expression of the raptor’s face under the protective space dome.

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2 comments on “In space no one can hear you hiss

  1. HÃ¥kan

    This makes me think of the old Swedish comic story Jeff Hund, in which spacefaring dinosaurs have survived into the future. When asked about their walnut-sized brains and small cranial sizes, the dinosaurs claim that their brains actually are located in the middle of the stomach, where they’re covered in much better protection…

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