This modern brick dwelling has got grooves

Sarah Beyer is back with another stunning LEGO modern home. For me, one of the joys of browsing my Flickr feed is seeing Sarah’s process shots. By documenting her builds as she constructs them, Sarah is able to get amazing interior views of all her creations. Upfront, the Greyplate House features an outdoor pool and seating area and some incredible exterior features. There’s amazing repetition in colors and textures going on, all working in harmony throughout its architecture. The tan, olive green, and black brick walls frame the entrance and cut through the center of the house. Using black 1×4 sliding bricks as wall cladding is an uncommon usage, but here they echo the brown awnings and horizontal black panels in the upper portion of the house for a groovy look.

Greyplate House MOC I

You can never go wrong with an entire wall of olive green. In the back, we see just how the gray baseplate interacts and mimics the floorplan of the house.

Greyplate House MOC II

My favorite section of the Greyplate House has to be the outdoor area. Here, the gray baseplate dips into a recessed seating area beside a circular pool. The wicker lounge chairs compliment the horizontal panels on the exterior walls. In this ambient lighting, the pool appears as a refreshing and dynamic take on a typical backyard landscape.

Greyplate House MOC by night.

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